Month: May 2015

Pick-up Trim for Woven Bag

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H ere I’ve used a pick-up band to trim a wool bag that I wove on a rigid heddle loom and then fulled (felted). The band does double duty—first by encasing the raw edge of the top of the bag, which was folded to the outside, and second by providing a decorative finish and focal point for the piece. This leaves the inside of the bag completely smooth, and there’s no need to add a […]

Pattern Design Basics

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Pattern Charts & Design

If you’re new to pick-up weaving, you’ll find that the more you understand about pattern charts, the more relaxed and efficient you can be as you weave. Plus, it’s fun to create your own patterns. To illustrate the basics, here are some examples in Type 2 pick-up (m√łnsterband), which has 2 background ends between pattern ends in the threading. These patterns can be woven on the band heddle (bandgrind) or inkle loom using the finger […]