About Me

Hi, I’m Heather Torgenrud, the author of Norwegian Pick-up Bandweaving (Schiffer Publishing 2014), and I’m passionate about every aspect of the craft—from the traditions of the past, to the rhythm of weaving, to the rich patterns of these beautiful textiles. I’ve created this site as a companion to the book, and from time to time I’ll share projects, patterns, and tips. Thanks for visiting!

My bio from the book jacket:

Born and raised in Montana, Heather Torgenrud first dreamed of writing a book forty years ago, when the gift of an inkle loom sparked not only a passion for weaving pick-up bands but a longing to know their history. She taught many classes in pick-up techniques over the years, and published her work in Handwoven magazine, while working full-time as a paralegal. The dream finally took shape when she and her husband were immersed in studying Norwegian and she discovered some intriguing stories waiting to be told. Here she brings her award-winning weaving skills together with an easy, readable writing style, to create a well-researched and fascinating look at this historic craft.

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